Do you have one or more of the following symptoms?

  • An unusually sad mood that doesn’t go away.Medicine Bowl on a cloth - Depression Hypnotherapy | Depression Hypnosis
  • Loss of enjoyment and interest in activities that used to be enjoyable.
  • Tiredness and lack of energy.
  • Loss of confidence in your self or poor self-esteem.
  • Feeling guilty when you’re not at fault.
  • Wishing you were dead.
  • Difficulty concentrating or making decisions.
  • Moving more slowly or, sometimes becoming agitated and unable to settle.
  • Having sleeping difficulties or, sometimes, sleeping too much.
  • Loss of interest in food or, sometimes eating too much. Changes in eating habits may lead to either loss of weight or putting on weight.


How life can send us into a depressive state!

Modern life can be hectic and turbulent our relationships, professional life, debt or many other things can send us into a depressive state it is not uncommon most of us get over it in a short time but some of us well it lingers for a long time which is not unusual. It can happen to anyone and Synergy Hypnotherapy Melbourne can help stop depression so you can again be happy and vital and live life more fully using Depression Hypnotherapy | Depression Hypnosis.


Current Statistics

  • One in four women and one in six men will suffer from depression at some stage in their lives.
  • Each year, almost 800,000 Australian adults will experience a depressive illness.
  • Depression is the third most common cause of illness among women and the tenth most common cause among men.
  • In 2001, Australian GPs reported depression as the fourth most common illness that they dealt with in their practices.
  • Depression is the leading cause of disability in Australia.
  • Depression alone counts for more days lost to the workplace than those lost to industrial action.
  • The World Health Organisation (WHO) has predicted that by 2020, depression will be the second biggest health problem world-wide, behind heart diseases.


Antidepressant Medication

The use of drugs on depression is widespread however the problem with this approach is that the medication masks the symptoms of the problem and doesn’t deal with the problem or the root cause of the depression. So you are effectively reliant on the drugs to get through life, while this may be good for the drug companies it is defiantly not ideal for you.

Depression Hypnotherapy however actually addresses the root cause of the problem and we don’t ask you to relive past negative experiences. We do this with gentle relaxing meditative hypnotherapy treatment which will stop your depression.


Breaking the Cycle

How we live actually recreates the old pattern or reinforces depression in our lives because of the way we feel we modify our behaviour and then before you know it we are doing the same thing which actually perpetuates the depression. Because of the way you feel you don’t have the energy or knowledge of what to do and how to get out of this state eventually you just give up and you slowly sink lower and lower.


Synergy Hypnotherapy Melbourne can help break this cycle by teaching you how to put the past, present and future into perspective and how to move forward with your life with Depression Hypnotherapy before it ruins your relationships or professional life.

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Severe Sleeping Problem


I first came to see Rodney for insomnia…


It had been ongoing for more than 15 years and you name it, I had tried it!


The issues with sleeping had led to various other health concerns and it was taking over my life. I felt totally out of control and functioning normally was a challenge.


2 sessions with Rodney and I slowly started to fall in love with going to bed again.


After a few weeks, I noticed I was sleeping the best I had EVER slept, as well as having beautiful dreams.


Waking up and feeling great was a feeling I had forgotten, and now thanks to Rodney, I have it back

Fear of Heights

Lynda Rohde

Hi Rod


I am just checking back in to let you know I recently conquered my fear of heights on our trip to Europe.


It was a huge ask as we ascended Mt Titlis in Switzerland, as it is over 10000ft high.


I can’t thank you enough for the help and positivity you gave me. Without that I would have missed a beautiful experience. A big thank you again.