Anxiety Disorders

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According to the Anxiety Recovery Centre of Victoria Anxiety is the most common mental health problem affecting Australians. Anxiety affects 9.7% or 1.3 million adult Australians (12% women and 7.1% men) during a 12 month period (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 1997). The onset of anxiety problems is generally in early to late adolescence. Various research studies report anxiety prevalence rates between 5.7% to 15.4% in children ranging in age from 7 to 11 years old, and rates of 8.7% to 17.7% in adolescents aged 12 to 18 years old. The population of people in Victoria who will suffer from anxiety problems, at some time during their life, is estimated to be 600,000. Synergy Hypnotherapy Melbourne Hypnotherapist can help with these symptoms using Anxiety Hypnotherapy | Hypnosis for Anxiety.


Anxiety Types

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Anxiety and Panic Attacks for 20 years

Hi Rodney

l can’t thank you enough for helping me get rid of the anxiety that l had been battling with for many years. l can’t believe that after having a session with you that all my fears, anxiety have disappeared. l am so glad that l found you and that I took the step to come and see you. Wish I had found you earlier. Thank you for your patience and understanding. l am doing things that l haven’t done in years and everybody around me is also seeing the change and outcome of Hypnotherapy.

Thank You , Thank you , Thank you


I hope your well Rodney.

Carmin Brown 39

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Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

Hypnosis for Anxiety can help people with GAD who are present to constant anxiety about many every day things ranging from work, social, family, health and finances to name a few. People who are experiencing GAD cannot control their thoughts, which tend to focus on all of these anxiety in a way that usually causes more anxiety. These events are usually future based they are anxious about what may happen. The anxiety is manifest physically in their body with some of the following symptoms. Tension in muscles, edgy, shaking, restlessness, sleeping problems, mind racing, confusion, concentration problems and tiredness. Synergy Hypnotherapy Melbourne’s Hypnotherapist can help with these anxieties using Hypnosis.


Social Anxiety

Hypnosis for Anxiety can help with Social anxiety where people are anxious about different social situations to varying degrees, it can also involve performance anxiety where they may have to speak or perform in front of others. It can also vary by the person as to how many people will cause them to get anxious, they are anxious about what others may think of them, looking silly, being embarrassed or simply being the focus of attention in social situations will cause the anxiety. Some of the physical symptoms may be sweating, blushing, shaking, heart palpitations, out of body sensation to name a few, it usually differs from person to person. Synergy Hypnotherapy Melbourne’s Hypnotherapist using mind technologies can help stop this anxiety using Hypnosis.


Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are intense episodes of anxiety or fear. It is usually accompanied by intense physical and emotional symptoms as described above in the other sections. Panic attacks can happen for many reasons usually with no real threat present. Once a person has experienced a panic attack they can have more panic attacks which leads to the panic attack being the object of their anxiety, not the initial presenting trigger, they tend to focus on it constantly which then facilitate repeated attacks. A person can become house bound in severe cases where they are so anxious about a panic attack happening, they cannot bring them self to leave home due to them attempting to avoid them. Synergy Hypnotherapy Melbourne’s Hypnotherapist can help stop these panic attacks using Hypnosis.


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Hypnosis for Anxiety can help Individuals with OCD who tend to have rituals where they have to perform repetitive tasks. If they don’t do the rituals they experience intense anxiety where they have repetitive thoughts, these thoughts are time consuming and usually distressing for the person also causing anxiety. Examples of these compulsions are checking locks, checking taps, washing, washing hands, fear of contamination, health issues, counting to name a few. These rituals may occur in all aspect of their life from work, walking, eating, social etc. At Synergy Hypnotherapy Melbourne’s Hypnotherapist using mind neuroscience, can help stop OCD through Hypnosis.


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD)

Post traumatic stress disorder usually develops when a person has undergone an intense physical and emotional event. People who have served in the armed forces and served in a conflict can experience PTSD or those who are bystanders in the conflict can also experience PTSD. People can also suffer from PTSD who have experienced something traumatic such as rape, molestation, holdup, roadrage etc. The person can re-experience the trauma on an ongoing basis, they also may suffer nightmares and change of moods. They may experience anxiety, anger, guilt, sadness or other emotions at debilitating levels. Synergy Hypnotherapy Melbourne’s Hypnotherapist can help stop PTSD through using Hypnosis.


Specific Phobia

Specific Anxiety is where a person has developed an anxiety about one object or situation. For example, fear of planes, cars, busses, picket fences, cats, dogs etc. The reaction is inappropriate and out of all proportion in this situation or to the object. The person will usually do anything to avoid this object or situation to avoid the anxiety, and if they cannot they will suffer from acute anxiety leading up to the event. Here at Synergy Hypnotherapy Melbourne’s Hypnotherapist knows how anxiety, phobia’s work and we know how to remove them from your life through Hypnosis.

Hypnosis for Anxiety can help with all of these anxiety issues and those not mentioned, can be treated with Anxiety Hypnosis here at Synergy Hypnotherapy the hypnotherapist deals with anxiety all the time. No mater what a client may come for help with Anxiety is usually a factor in the problem to some degree and using Anxiety Hypnosis we can help remove the anxiety.

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Fear of Teaching

Kaity Leenheers

Hi Rodney,


Kaity here I saw you around a month ago.


Just letting you know I’ve been public speaking with confidence and I now feel excited about my career path rather than anxious!


Thank you for your help this has been a major shift for me.



Severe Sleeping Problem


I first came to see Rodney for insomnia…


It had been ongoing for more than 15 years and you name it, I had tried it!


The issues with sleeping had led to various other health concerns and it was taking over my life. I felt totally out of control and functioning normally was a challenge.


2 sessions with Rodney and I slowly started to fall in love with going to bed again.


After a few weeks, I noticed I was sleeping the best I had EVER slept, as well as having beautiful dreams.


Waking up and feeling great was a feeling I had forgotten, and now thanks to Rodney, I have it back