Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a type of anxiety disorder involving two elements: obsessions and compulsions. Obsessions are repetitive unwanted thoughts that make you feel anxious. Compulsions are repetitive behaviours and rituals.  With OCD you feel that as if you have to complete these rituals or behaviours otherwise something bad will happen. Performing the compulsions can temporarily reduce the anxiety you feel with OCD in certain situations. With OCD you might realise that your thoughts are irrational, but the obsessions and compulsions are difficult to resist. OCD affects people from all different backgrounds, classes, cultures, sexes and intelligence levels. Approximately 2-3% of Australians experience OCD. At Synergy Hypnotherapy Melbourne we can stop OCD using OCD Hypnosis | Hypnotherapy for OCD.


What are the symptoms of OCD?

With OCD you experience some obsessive thoughts and a paricular compulsion. However, the intensity and frequency can vary, and it’s not uncommon for it to be worse when you are particularly stressed (e.g exam time, relationship problems).

Examples of obsessions include

  • fear of contamination or dirtWomen in a Meditation sitting Posture in a white cloths - OCD Hypnosis | Hypnotherapy for OCD
  • fear of harming yourself or others
  • intrusive sexual thoughts
  • fear of illness
  • religious or moral issues


Common compulsions may be:

  • cleaning or putting things in a particular order
  • washing
  • counting
  • hoarding
  • touching/repeating


You may also be experiencing a range of emotions, including feeling:

  • stressed or anxious
  • annoyed and frustrated
  • down or depressed
  • a sense of shame (and a wish to hide your OCD from others)


OCD may affect other parts of your life too and you might find you’re not able to enjoy the things you normally would. You might also feel more likely to abuse drugs or alcohol as a way to escape or numb overwhelming feelings.


Here at Synergy Hypnotherapy Melbourne we know how OCD works and we know how to help stop OCD through the use of OCD Hypnosis | Hypnotherapy for OCD.

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Sleeping and Anger Problems

Vic 40 Year Old

Hi Rodney,


This is Vik, just is just to let you know that I am fine.


Sleeping well a majority of the time, I do have the occasional night where I toss and turn.


I also don’t get angry that often. In fact I can say I rarely get angry now.


Thank you so much for helping me.


With warm regards,

Quit Smoking – Cold Turkey to Patches and Finally the Solution

Sam 28 year old Manager

After trying everything to quite cigarettes, from cold turkey to patches, I scoured through the internet to find another means to give up.


I then found Synergy Hypnotherapy website, and while somewhat skeptical, I decided to contact Rodney.


At first, I did not know what to think or expect from hypnotherapy. However I was willing to try anything to give up this habit that I would use unconsciously fall back on when anxious, stressed, upset, etc..


To my surprise, and to the surprise of everyone I knew, I left that hypno session as a non-smoker. Rodney worked miracles, peeling back the layers to find the source of my reason to smoke.


I remembered everything about the session, I was aware of what he was doing, however it was obviously that I needed that push.


I strongly recommend Rodney and Synergy Hypnotherapy to anyone looking to give up cigarettes.


Sam 28 year old Manager