Hypnosis for Addictions Melbourne – Hypnosis for Drug Ice

Can have the potential to ruin your life and your loved ones

Through the use of Hypnosis for Addictions Melbourne, NLP and neural sciences here at Synergy Hypnotherapy Melbourne we can help you control and stop addictions like Hypnosis for Drug Ice that are ruining your life

Just a few of the addictions that can ruin your life

  • Eating and or certain food addictions.

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  • Alcohol.
  • Gambling.
  • Drugs.
  • Drinking.
  • Gambling.
  • Substance abuse.
  • Sex.



People develop these habits for particular reasons that are legitimate at the time and because they don’t have the resources to pursue a different solution maybe they need to relax or switch off or distract them selves all of which are good things to do at times.

Some one may take up drinking to relax after work and then a few years later it has developed into a unstoppable monster that has taken over their life.

Maybe you are using drugs to alleviate anxiety and fear and this forms a neat circle where this habit gets out of control as well as experiencing anxiety and fear about the initial stuff you then develop fear and anxiety about not being able to control your drug abuse and it spirals out of control.

People also use gambling to relax which ends up costing them thousands when there are plenty of free alternatives.

The only real solution is to give up these habits and stopping them now. Through the use of Hypnotherapy we can help stop this behaviour.



Has a wide variety of problems from drink driving, health risks, expenses, functioning poorly at work, abusive behaviour and other consequences with family and friends. Some people may need only to learn how to control there drinking, while others may need to quit. Whatever needs to be done Synergy Hypnotherapy Melbourne can help with these issues.



Some people drugs are a minor problem they can take it or leave it like Marijuana, which is commonly used. However when you smoke every day and even several times a day then it has become a problem. Other drugs such as Ecstasy, heroin, ice and speed are guaranteed to ruin your life. So becoming free of the drug and being committed to being free of it can make a huge difference in your life. Here at Synergy Hypnotherapy Melbourne we help clients all the time make the necessary changes.


Chocolate, Coca Cola, Coffee

Addiction to different types of food and drink like chocolate, coca cola and coffee can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle, which is expensive to maintain. The addiction can lead to being overweight, skin problems, intestinal problems among a few health related issues. I myself was a victim of several at one stage and I now have these items in moderation thanks to Hypnotherapy.


Through the use of Hypnotherapy, mind technologies and neural sciences here at Synergy Hypnotherapy Melbourne we can help stop this behaviour.

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Sleeping and Anger Problems

Vic 40 Year Old

Hi Rodney,


This is Vik, just is just to let you know that I am fine.


Sleeping well a majority of the time, I do have the occasional night where I toss and turn.


I also don’t get angry that often. In fact I can say I rarely get angry now.


Thank you so much for helping me.


With warm regards,

Quit Smoking – Cold Turkey to Patches and Finally the Solution

Sam 28 year old Manager

After trying everything to quite cigarettes, from cold turkey to patches, I scoured through the internet to find another means to give up.


I then found Synergy Hypnotherapy website, and while somewhat skeptical, I decided to contact Rodney.


At first, I did not know what to think or expect from hypnotherapy. However I was willing to try anything to give up this habit that I would use unconsciously fall back on when anxious, stressed, upset, etc..


To my surprise, and to the surprise of everyone I knew, I left that hypno session as a non-smoker. Rodney worked miracles, peeling back the layers to find the source of my reason to smoke.


I remembered everything about the session, I was aware of what he was doing, however it was obviously that I needed that push.


I strongly recommend Rodney and Synergy Hypnotherapy to anyone looking to give up cigarettes.


Sam 28 year old Manager