Sylvia’s Journey – Farewell Fear of DrivingEdit Entry

I was in my late 20s when I finally began taking driving lessons, mostly out of a lack of necessity and desire. When I started learning to drive, I would describe my level of fear of driving as relatively normal for any new driver. Over time my fear of driving began to snowball. I haveContinue Reading

Anxiety Hypnotherapy boosts academic prowess of children in SingaporeEdit Entry

  An article on Asia One Your Health Website reports on how parents in Singapore are sending their children for hypnotherapy to help with study and grades. The article cites two clients of the Hypnotherapist Sandy Hui who experienced positive outcomes from the Hypnotherapy with her. The students experienced a change in grades, anxiety levelsContinue Reading

Ranting on Websites May Just Make You AngrierEdit Entry

Barbara Bronson Gray from WebMD News discusses, when people rant angrily on the internet it may feel good at that time to get the anger off your chest, but two new studies suggest you may become more angry and frustrated over time. This is in contrast to what they believe, they believed that letting it out makes you feel better, and you may temporarily, butContinue Reading

Understanding vs Experential UnderstandingEdit Entry

This is an interesting subject I have been contemplating it the last 5 years of my journey down this most interesting path of Hypnotherapy and NLP! Especially in my business at Synergy Hypnotherapy Melbourne, of which I had no idea I would be travelling. In society so much emphasis is placed on learning facts byContinue Reading

What are EmotionsEdit Entry

Emotions are made of a few different components first off they are made up of thoughts and meanings in the form of “talking to self, pictures, movies” in your mind and then the second component is feelings. Feelings are physical sensations in the body and all emotions have a corresponding feeling in the body whichContinue Reading

How Do We Get Problem BehavioursEdit Entry

What an interesting thing to consider how did I get to this point in my life where I am having problems with alcohol, drugs, weight, smoking hypnosis, phobia’s and various other issues. Well there are a few factors we need to look at to explain this properly which are emotions/feelings, beliefs, thoughts and the conscious/unconsciousContinue Reading

Thoughts on MeditationEdit Entry

I have been meditating for over a 2 years now and I have some thoughts on it and its use. As a hypnotherapist I have used it to help me see my clients who come for various things like depression, anxiety, weight loss and smoking hypnosis to name a few in my practice in hypnotherapyContinue Reading

Emotions and Your BodyEdit Entry

So what are emotions? Well lets see emotions are a combination of thoughts, beliefs plus feelings or physical sensations in the body together they form emotions. The next thing you need to know about emotions is because they are a combination of thoughts and physical sensations in the body, you have to learn how toContinue Reading

Phantom PainEdit Entry

This article is following on from my previous one about “Remembered Pain” so maybe you might want to read it first. That article dealt with actual physical injuries that never seemed to heal. From my experience in practicing in hypnotherapy helping clients with problems like smoking hypnotherapy, Depression/anxiety hypnotherapy etc here at Hypnotherapy Melbourne. So whatContinue Reading

Remembered PainEdit Entry

Remembered pain what is that? Well it is really an interesting thing I have come across in my work and studies over the past few years, both personally and professionally helping people in my hypnotherapy practice with all types of various things like smoking hypnotherapy, anxiety/depression hypnotherapy etc here at Hypnotherapy Melbourne. Remembered pain is whereContinue Reading

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